I’m Brian Lockwood, aka the “Scrum bum”.

For the last 20 years I’ve worked at a company I founded and ran as the CEO. I’m currently a semi-retired farmer in rural North Carolina who still dabbles in a little knowledge work from time to time






Working naked

Along the way, we adopted practices for extreme-flexibility and freedom aka “Working naked“. This lifestyle afforded me, and my team members, the freedom to work at home (or from a farm, in my case), with no particular schedule and with no bosses. It was an approach to life, that I enjoyed and hope more and more can benefit from over time.

Working naked means working remote, or simply at home, with a flex schedule, flex location and (optionally) no-bosses aka holocracy

Soft skills

Everyone wants to work naked …

Everyone should be able to work naked …

… but it does require certain values and soft skills to succeed in a “naked” team.

As part of this endeavor, we developed many soft skills regarding productivity, time management, communication and more that are relevant to team members striving to succeed particularly in dynamic, remote aka Work naked environments.

This journal will mostly be related to the topic of soft skills

Enterprise SCRUM?

To facilitate the ability to successfully work naked and to apply the soft skills we developed to maximum effect, we made use of AGILE methodologies in our work.

I believe Enterprise SCRUM is a methodology that can be applied to the whole organization, that is essential for efficient, effective and productive teams, particularly in a decentralized, Working naked type work paradigm. To us, it was really the glue that kept us together and that allowed us to unlock our full potential, while enjoying the full freedoms of work place flexibility. I plan to touch on this subject from time to time as well.