I’m Brian Lockwood, aka the “Scrum bum”.


For the last 20 years I’ve worked at a company I founded and ran as the CEO. As part of this endeavor, we developed many successful habits and approaches regarding productivity, time management, communication and more that are relevant to team members. At the company level, we benefitted from learning about leading, in an Enterprise SCRUM environment, and working with remote teams which is relevant to team leaders.

Along the way, we adopted practices for extreme-flexibility and freedom aka “Working naked“. This lifestyle afforded me, and my team members, the freedom to work at home, with no particular schedule and with no bosses. It was an approach to life, that I enjoyed and hope more and more can benefit from over time.

I write on these topics along with a few others, particularly marketing

Working naked

Working naked means working remote, or simply at home, with a flex schedule, flex location and (optionally) no-bosses aka holocracy

Everyone wants to work naked …

Everyone should be able to work naked …

… but it does require certain values and soft skills to lead a naked team, as well as to succeed in one, as a team member. (See next)


I believe Enterprise SCRUM is a methodology that is essential for efficient, effective and productive teams, particularly in a decentralized, Working naked type work paradigm. To us, it was really the key that allowed us to unlock our full potential, while enjoying the freedoms of work place flexibility

SCRUM team leader

If you are a SCRUM team leader, you can benefit from my experience to acquire the skills and expertise to manage remote teams. Mastering this skill and pivoting to a work naked paradigm can save your company money, improve efficiency and productivity, increase retention and get you promoted. What’s not to love?

SCRUM team member

If you are a SCRUM team member, you can also benefit from these articles, particularly if you want to succeed in a remote environment. Whether you are currently working naked or are getting ready to “pop the question” to your boss, you need to be able to demonstrate that you can succeed in this environment.

What’s with the farm?

It is meant to underscore that I was able to build a company of nearly 100 team members (which was successfully acquired), working naked from a small farm in North Carolina.


I have extensive experience, knowledge and network in Serbia. Many of my articles are translated in Serbian as part of Znam, a non-profit business and employment incubator in Southern Serbia.


Interested persons are welcome to contact me via LinkedIn