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Making a brooder for baby chicks

A starter brooder can be helpful ... if you want to raise chicks in the house, so kids can interact with them. This allows kids to see the chicks, pick them up etc. or to... Read More

October 29, 2020


As the knowledge worker economy continues to transition to more agile, more remote, more dynamic and more empowered, your classic micromanager is a dying breed; and for good reason. Micromanagement gets a deservedly bad reputation... Read More

April 9, 2020

Act “As if”

There is a great scene from the movie, Boiler room, about "acting as if". To paraphrase Ben Affleck's character act as if you are the president of the firm act as if you are endowed... Read More

April 9, 2020

Why you want to never say “I’ll try my best”

When people say they will do "their best", it really annoys me. There is a lot packed into that little phrase, none of it is any good, and people who use it know this full... Read More

April 8, 2020

The gift of never having to say “Sorry”

Business isn't life. In life, you will have to apologize for your actions, if your transgressions warrant it. But most mistakes in business are just that, mistakes. They weren't intentional, they didn't lead to grievous... Read More

April 8, 2020

Iron jaws and the ability to accept constructive criticism

Backstory I had this guy working for me, to mask his identity let's call him Adam. I can safety say that he was the "worst" guy that I had worked with in 20 years of... Read More

April 8, 2020

The Pat Riley Effect – avoid the quality assurance (QA) crush

The QA challenge When you are in QA your “opponent” is invariably whoever you are reviewing. You can be drinking buddies, girlfriend/boyfriend etc – but, if you are any good in QA, you will recognize... Read More

March 23, 2020

Remote communication; medium, tools and examples

Remote communication *isn't* the same as MBWA, Management By Walking Around in an on-premises environment; it can be better. Remote communication allows you to prioritize the signal and reduce the noise, which can actually improve... Read More

March 14, 2020

Paragraphs and white space

I don't know why but failure to properly space paragraphs is extremely prevalent among young writers. This is a problem I see all the time in written correspondence. It is not only structurally incorrect, which... Read More

March 11, 2020

No skills, No experience, No English … No problem

Yivko We hired this guy at my old company, out of Serbia. At that point in my career, I wasn't hiring anyone directly myself, as we had an HR team, and I was only working... Read More

March 10, 2020