The Pat Riley Effect – avoid the quality assurance (QA) crush

The QA challenge When you are in QA your “opponent” is invariably whoever you are reviewing. You can be drinking buddies, girlfriend/boyfriend etc – but, if you are any good in QA, you will recognize... Read More

March 23, 2020

Remote communication; medium, tools and examples

Remote communication *isn't* the same as MBWA, Management By Walking Around in an on-premises environment; it can be better. Remote communication allows you to prioritize the signal and reduce the noise, which can actually improve... Read More

March 14, 2020

McDonalds offices

Knowledge workers, including many who are young, urban professionals don't want long commutes and they certainly don't want to have to get stuck in traffic. Many don't even own a car. They prefer to live,... Read More

March 9, 2020

ABC – Always Be Communicating

Of coffee and pirates During my short tenure working downtown in Chapel Hill, NC I would frequent a local watering hole for students, knowledge workers and other coffee aficionados. The place had a relatively new... Read More

February 17, 2020

Lead, follow, then get the Hell out of the way

I was leading an exercise with my infantry platoon in the US Army, under supervision and review of our battalion commander, a Lt. Colonel. Everything was going great and my platoon executed the task, exceeding... Read More

February 15, 2020

Building trust with remote workers and contractors

I just read a good article that building trust is one of the top 5 attributes of a good leader. But what about decentralized, offshore, remote teams. Do they count? Yes, actually building trust is... Read More

January 22, 2020

My 5 year rule for sustainable relationships

If you won't be in my life 5 years from now, you won't be in my life now. I may engage in transactional relationships, of course, but I don't invest in them. I invest only... Read More

January 21, 2020