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Act “As if”

There is a great scene from the movie, Boiler room, about "acting as if". To paraphrase Ben Affleck's character act as if you are the president of the firm act as if you are endowed... Read More

April 9, 2020

Screwing up vs screwing down

I heard a phrase in the Army once that I have oft repeated He can't even screw up right But as trite and humorous as it is, there is a little wisdom behind that, as... Read More

March 10, 2020

Have gun, will travel – the true story of Dick Dunnington

Dick Dunnington volunteered (you read that right) for 3 tours of Vietnam, as a military intelligence officer, but wouldn’t breathe a word of what he did there, even though I asked him about 5x a... Read More

January 17, 2020

Successful habit forming experiment

I found this article today and it looks really good. It demonstrates *scientifically proven* ways to create new habits, that work and also covers some (somewhat surprising ones) that don't We studied the best way... Read More

January 7, 2020

Control by exercise

"Continue to invest in your physical temple. Through our aches and pains there are some worthy dividends." - Jimmy McMillian. Retired Air Force General and member of our local gym in Chapel Hill, NC One... Read More

January 6, 2020