Good employee, bad employee

Having sold my company recently and benefitting from a little down-time, I promised to take some time for reflection, to reminisce on a few things I learned/remembered/noted along the way and share the experiences, in... Read More

February 15, 2020

Fix the damn truck

I'm fascinated by the concept of work, what people do, how they do it, what makes someone successful and someone else not so much. I'm always looking at people through the lens of their approach... Read More

February 1, 2020

Ted “Chickman” Murray and other heroes of the working man

After college I worked at a genetics company in New Hampshire, called "Hubbard farms" that was a subsidiary of Merck (at the time). Hubbard's goal was to make the next best chicken! As part of... Read More

January 30, 2020

Why I never take vacation

"Here's my card. It's got my cell number, my pager number, my home number and my other pager number. I never take vacations, I never get sick and I don't celebrate any major holidays. "... Read More

January 26, 2020

Working naked – principles and origins

At the company, I founded and managed as CEO for 20 years, we used, and perhaps coined, the phrase "Working naked". It was an amalgamation of our values statement which focuses on individual freedom and... Read More

January 17, 2020