Exercise fails

Imagine that you are fat, weak and generally out of shape and you want to start to get fit. So you buy a membership to the gym and show up 1-2x a week and just kind of randomly go from machine to machine “exercising”.

  • You don’t start out with a plan,
  • you have no goals,
  • you don’t measure results,
  • you have no consistency

… but when people ask how your program is working, you say “Great because you’ve been getting good responses and engagement from people you see there”.

Content marketing fails

This is like a typical approach to content management

  • No plan, strategy or goal
  • No defined customer persona. Who is the target persona you are crafting content for?
  • No proper budgeting, so you ignore a significant amount of the costs related to your content marketing effort
  • No properly defined KPIs like visits, leads, cost-per-lead, sales
  • No consistency with posting
  • Lots of improperly defined KPIs like engagement, Likes, new friends you’ve met etc or vanity metrics like connections, followers etc


This results in one of two things

  • Failure and ultimate surrender e.g. content marketing initiative
  • or Changing metrics for success to bogus KPIs (see above) or anecdotal evidence e.g. My aunt saw our article on Facebook so this must be working! and declaring success

Content marketing, like getting in shape, is very difficult and requires a consistent, sustained, and well planned effort over many years. If you aren’t fully committed to either, you will fail.